Google Maps Optimisation Instructions

These very simple instructions are devised to help you set up a Google Maps listing

You may have heard the business listing displayed on Google Maps or directly under Google Maps as various things; Google Maps Listings, Google Local Listings, Google Places Listings, Google My Business Listings for example.

To avoid confusion we will refer them in these instructions as Google Maps Listings

Creating a Google Maps Listing

Before you can create a Google Maps listing you have to have a Google Account

A big mistake that a lot off small business owners make is that they allow a third party to create their Listing.

When we say third party we don’t only mean an outside agency or sub contractor, it can be just as bad to let an employee create your Google Maps Listing using their own Google Account too.

Note though: It can also cause problems if the business owner uses his own Google Account to create a Google Maps Listings

What We Recommend When Creating a Google Maps Listings

We recommend that before creating a Google Maps Listings the business owner himself creates a new Google Account, separate from any other Google Account he already has, and he uses this for setting up the Google Maps Listings.

By creating a new Google Account and then creating the Google Maps Listings with that account you are classed as the Primary Owner and have ultimate control over the listing.

More coming soon…

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